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Esteemed members of KASL (Korean Association for the Study of the Liver):

It is my privilege to address you today in my new capacity as Chairman . Being given the role to lead an organization such as KASL is a great honor that comes with great responsibility.
KASL has become over the years an important voice in our field thanks to the dedication and hard work of each and every one of its members. My goal is to ensure the continuing success of our organization during and beyond my term. I will work in concert with the President and members of the Board to lead with humility, through consensus and harmony, and reason.

The primary raison d'etre of our organization is to support research by our members and defend their rights and interests, and thereby provide superior treatment to patients. On the research front, I intend to make special efforts to re-energize the various platforms of academic dialogue, including the Liver Week, Fall Symposium, and the Spring and Fall Single Topic Symposiums. High on the agenda for the improvement of the diagnostics and treatment of liver diseases will be developing clinical practice guidelines for liver cirrhosis, strengthening support for research, cooperation with external academic and research organizations, and promoting the growth of the CMH journal. In areas that concern patients' welfare, I will actively seek to enhance the quality of care and put in place measures to assist with insurance payment-related issues.

Proverbs 20:29 tells us, "the glory of the young is their strength; gray hair of experience is the splendor of the old." With the confidence and support from the respected members of the Board, I hope to use my own gray hair of experience for the benefit of our wonderful organization.
On this note, I would like to express my sincere appreciation again to the amazing members of KASL for their generosity and loyalty.

December 2018 Lee, Kwan Sik
The Korean Association for the Study of the Liver
Dear members,

The Korean Association for the Study of the Liver (KASL), formerly known as the Korean Society for the Study of the Liver, was founded in 1981 and has already reached its 23rd anniversary. During this time the association members has grown to exceed 2,000 members, including specialists in disciplines of internal medicine, surgery, radiology, pathology, and pediatrics jointly participating in research and advancement of hepato-biliary-pancreatic (HBP) diseases. Together we have made the association exemplary and superior by playing core roles in research and development and by forming a close alliance amongst its members.

I am honored to sever as the president of the 13th board of directors at the KASL for the next two years and assume a sense of great responsibility and duty. I believe the significant progress achieved by KASL over the last 20-plus years was made possible by all the passionate seniors and members of our society who have positively participated in all our activities. Although, the domestic and global environment for medical care is getting more complex and difficult, but I believe that KASL, in its maturity, will continue to proceed, develop further, and cerebrate more achievements with the support of its members.

We first held the Seoul International Liver Symposium in 2015, which allowed us to become a society leading the internalization of other domestic societies. The Spring Conference held by our society has been open to free topics for the past five years and has made continuous progress to become a highly integrated international platform. The importance of becoming more integrated with other domestic societies of relevant disciplines has influenced the upcoming Spring Conference, putting a greater emphasis becoming a paragon for other leading societies across Asia. In conjunction with the General Meeting of our society, the Autumn Conference will lead interactions with other societies and the encourage internalization of our society by co-hosting international conferences with societies related to digestive organs; this was the case during the Korea Digestive Disease Week 2017.

Academic conferences held by societies can be compared to flower gardens, decorated with various flowers of academic achievements, and for our society to thrive our journal should be a notable blossom in the flower garden. Our society's journal began its English version six years ago and has grown into one of the premier international journals for hepatology. Amid fierce competition among academic journals, our official journal, "Clinical and Molecular Hepatology", must be enrolled as a part of SCI. Therefore, the next two years will be an especially important for all of us. The current system for publishing and editing journals needs to be renewed with an extended budget appropriation. Active contributions from members with excellent papers and frequent journal references will also be essential for our expansion and notoriety.

Furthermore, our society intends to enhance the research capability of our members by expanding support programs for each society member. This will include supporting academic research, awarding excellent academic papers, increasing participation in international conferences, and hosting workshops on clinical studies methodology. These support programs will be expanded on an ongoing basis.

Last but not least, active efforts to consolidate favorable public relations, along with the fulfillment of other important social responsibilities, will be given a higher priority over to other issues to better reflect our members' viewpoints in establishing prudent policies by authorities for health care providers and insurance providers.

The new KASL board of directors will continue to advance our society with the help and encouragement our community members. I welcome and encourage valuable advice from all our members and look forward to your active participation.

Thank you.

President, the Korean Association for the Study of the Liver
Yang, Jin-mo
Room A1210, 53 Mapo-daero(MapoTrapalace, Dowha-dong), Mapo-gu, Seoul, 04158, Korea
TEL : +82-2-703-0051 FAX : +82-2-703-0071 E-mail : kasl@kams.or.kr
Business license number: 116-82-05683 Name of representative: Jin Mo Yang
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