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Rules and Regulations
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Chapter 1 General
Article 1 (Name)
The name of the association is the Korean Association for the Study of the Liver(KASL).
Article 2 (Purpose)
The purpose of the association is to develop in-depth and sysematic researches in the fields of liver and biliary track, expand exchange with other local and foreign academic associations and improve relations among members.
Article 3 (Project)
The association performs projects below to achieve the goals above.
Host conferences, symposiums and lectures
Publish scholary and academic journals
Host international symposiums
Contact and cooperate with local and foreign relevant associations
Organize information exchange and cooperative researches among members
Raise research funds and support research activities
Improve relations among members
Train and promote training on liver and biliary tract diseases
Other issues to achieve the goals of the association
Article 4 (Branches and Research Groups)
The association may establish its affiliated branch(es) or research group(s) to improve systematic development in researches.
Article 5 (Office)
The office of the association is located in Seoul, Korea.
Chapter 2 Member
Article 6 (Composition and Qualification)
The association consists of general, regular and honorary members. General member: Those who research or work in the fields of liver and biliary tract, agree with the purpose of the association, pay a certain amount of fees and are approved from the board of directors

Regular member: Those who publish more than 2 articles to certified associations and journals about liver and biliary tract researches, are recommended from more than 2 regular members and certified from the council Honorary member: Those who significantly contribute to the development of the association, are selected from the council and approved from the general meeting
Article 7 (Rights and Duties)
The journal of the association is freely provided to all the members. The member shall attend the general meeting, symposium and conference held by the association. The regular member is eligible for being elected as a director, auditor or council member.
Article 8 (Disqualification)
The member is disqualified by the decision from the council for one of cases below. If a member does not attend the general meeting or conference held by the association for more than 3 years without proper reason or pay fees for more than 3 years. If a member damages the reputation of the association or acts against the purpose of the association.
Room A1210, 53 Mapo-daero(MapoTrapalace, Dowha-dong), Mapo-gu, Seoul, 04158, Korea
TEL : +82-2-703-0051 FAX : +82-2-703-0071 E-mail : kasl@kams.or.kr
Business license number: 116-82-05683 Name of representative: Jin Mo Yang
Copyright(c) by Korean Association for the study of the Liver. All rights reserved.